Greece   and   the   Greek   Islands

Greece was wonderful. I landed at Athens and took a taxi to the hotel where I was staying. My friend met me for dinner and the good news was that he had booked a tour for me of Athens and also of the Greek Islands. The tour took us in a bus all day around all the ancient ruins and sites and we climbed to the very top of Olympia and the guide, Sophia, was a lady who had just published a book about Greek statues and ancient ruins, so that was very interesting. It was very special standing where people had stood, and built, and lived, for thousands of years. In fact many of the ruins arestill standing and now under restoration, and I took many photos, which I have listed on my photo site. I particularly enjoyed the Olympic Stadium and imagined Ben Hur racing his chariot along there, and the races, and the wrestling with the competitors nude because a woman had once sneaked in there to see her son in action, and the crowds roaring their appreciation. The cruise was wonderful. I loved the islands and loved the people and the clear blue waters. I made a friend of the entertainer on the cruise ship, so it was easier going to places on the island with someone who knew where to go and what to do there. I was fascinated by the donkeys used as transport and equally tunned to discover a donkey earns $15 and hour whilst as a teacher I only get $6. Greece was very beautiful and I thank Alex from Greek-on-the-web with all my heart for organising my time so very well. I can hardly wait to get back there and see more of Greece and eat more Greek food which I think is wonderful.

Surfers    Paradise.    Gold    Coast.

The Gold Coast is wonderful. I stayed opposite the beach on the 14th floor and everymorning at 6am ran on the sands. Often a fisherman was there with his long surf rod and a few joggers but not many. My footsteps were often the first running onto the beach. From here I walked to the shops and the shops at Surfers are truly wonderful. Because they cater to an expensive elite, the quality is stunning and there are also shops catering for the tourist on a budget. I found a funky hairdresser who trimmed and tinted me golden which was a great start to my holiday. Next day I went on a motor cruise to Stradbrooke Island and the day after to the same place on a tall ship. I went on a sea plane and took some wonderful aerial photos of Surfers and the luxury private homes below. The next day I actually went up parasailing..that was the highlight of my trip...floating at the end of a wire rope 20 stories above with thunder ad lightning and rain pouring unmercifully down on me and this young girl who sat behind me. I imagine it would be far warmer in summer and far more picturesque when visibility is better and winds aren't trying to blow your parachute away.The beach at Stradbrooke is long stretches of sand and there appears to be just 2 resorts there and only day trips. It was quite enjoyable. Surfers is now a very busy and cosmopolitan town and very tourist orientated but this does mean that there are numerous options to choose activities from. I went on 3 bus trips and they were amazing value, full day trips and I came back with some wonderful photos. Yes, Surfers is definetely the place to visit.