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House Exchange...Holiday Accommodation

Will you feed the cat? Feed the birds?
use up my fridge contents and leave some of yours when you go?

User Name
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Dates for the Exchange
Number of rooms, size of house
Services needed, eg. garden, feed pets, mail, etc
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You may like to exchange homes for a vacation.
This will especially suit families with children, and you can link with another family in the same situation and have a holiday away from home.
Add your details to House sitters but call it 'Exchange House'

Make sure you list your house with Police or the Local Safety Organization for your safety and the safety of your exchange Family.
You may also choose to let neighbours know that you will be away for this period and ensure you leave all contact details with someone for both your protections.

Inland to Coast, Farm to City...Outback to Surburbia..
Remember what is ordinary to you may be a dream vacation to someone from a different lifestyle....
Share your home and experience the home of another.....

Save money on accommodation...House-sit a property for Free.....