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Marguerite Carstairs

Marguerite Carstairs
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Artist and Photographer

Marguerite Carstairs 2005

Marguerite Carstairs has studied in Melbourne at Prahran Tech in the 70's and Preston and Shepparton in the 90's majoring in Oil Painting and Photography.
She has exhibited in Shepparton, Melbourne, New Zealand, Jigalong RC, Newman WA,  Manjimup and Perth, where the 'Outback Art' Paintings were all donated, and sold, at Auction in December at "The Oasis" with proceeds going to the Blind Institute.
'Red Sands' is the last and the major work from this  past series and was bought by the artist.
Marguerite has been teaching  Art in New Zealand, Central Australia in the Remote Communities of Kintore, Areyonga and Haasts Bluff, and she has learnt from the local artists. Teaching in Halls Creek, Jigalong and Kalgoorlie Remote Schools in West Australia, has added a further dimension to her work, through involvement with student artists as well as local indigenous artists.
Marguerite has also been hugely influenced by the work of Arthur Boyd, Whitley and Van Gogh in her use of color and brush. Her works are vibrant and full of her individual style and personality.
Currently she is the Art Teacher at Blackall Queensland.
In recent times, Marguerite has been working with Fractals and Digital Art and some of her recent creative photography will also be displayed in this exhibition.

Tree By Water 100X90 Acrylic on Canvas
Painting by Ladymaggic For Sale $180.00

Landform Oil on canvas 60X40 $180.00
Depicting the NZ peninsula mountain ranges at Mahia.