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Paddy Hannan
was one of the fortune seekers who came to Kalgoorlie in 1893 but he was the lucky one. On June 17th, he discovered several hundred ounces of gold and  posted the claim for Hannan's Find which put Kalgoorlie on the map.
Over a hundred years have passed since Paddy Hannan made his claim and today Kalgoorlie-Boulder is one of the most important mining areas in Australia.

Exchange Hotel Kalgoorlie West Australia
Photography by Marguerite Copyright 2005

Video of Kalgoorlie Boulder West Australia

By 1902 deep underground mining of gold leads had become the norm with the Great Boulder Mine continuing to discover payable gold 1500 feet below the surface. Later Boulder Mining leases came to be known as "The Golden Mile" and by all accounts this area contained the richest square mile of gold reserves in the world.

Today the Golden Mile continues to be actively worked by Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines. During the past 20 years the use of modern open cut mining technologies has seen the Golden Mile transform itself into a Super Pit. Current dimensions of the "Super Pit" are 290 metres deep by 1.5 kilometres wide and 4 kilometres long. At current extraction rates KCGM  has proven reserves that should last beyond the year 2013 - by which time the Super Pit will have expanded considerably.

Gold Mining at Kalgoorlie digging for the gold
Photograph by Marguerite Copyright 2005

Islam Influence in Architecture from Mining Days
Hotel Photograph by Marguerite Copyright 2005

Kalgoorlie Goldfields...Video


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