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Humorous Quotes

Groucho Marx Humour.....
Digi Art Humour Marguerite 2005

These quotes are used with a smile.
There are all sorts of people...and some are not quite as nice as they could be, and some much nicer.
Some people drive us to distraction, and other people we can never get enough of.
Take these as they have been presented...with a smile.
Some may even apply to you....

I always wanted to be somebody...
Digi Humour Art Marguerite 2005

Definition of Stress
Digi Art Humour Marguerite 2005

Fake Organisms and Fake Relationships
Digi Humour Art Marguerite 2005

Some sexist humour.
Great for Divorces and Breakup Cards.
Also useful for Potential -Divorce or Breakup Cards.
Send a message using a Digi Card...

Viewing the World at 50
Digi Humour Art Marguerite 2005

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