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Nonsan City is in the Chung Nam Province of South Korea

Daelin Apartment Nonsan City
Image by Marguerite 2005

Digibook : Temple Mireuk Nonsan : South Korea

Video of Nonsan South Korea Book 1.

Video of Nonsan..Harvest and Winter.. Book2

Nonsan City is located 4 hours by taxi, bus  or private vehicle, and 90 minutes in a fast modern train.
It is classed as rural and is the 6th largest city in South Korea.
Chung Nam Province is edged by a beautiful range of mountains, and along the sides of the road are rich rice fields.
In winter, this area is covered with snow and the fields take a spell from growing.
There are many igloo type greenhouses where plnts will grow during the cold period.
There is a very tourist city by the mountains with some wonderful hotels and accommodation places.
Nonsan City itself is a busy small town. There is a good sized Main Shopping area and many subsidiary  streets edged and lined with numerous small shops and businesses, including many, many restaurants as Korean people love to eat out at restaurants.
I am teaching at The Harvard Institute which also goes under the name of Laboratory English School.
I also teach English at three small elementary schools in the mornings, which are in a market garden and rice growing area a few kilometres out of town along a very beautiful road through Rice country.
It is a very beautiful city and the people are very friendly.
There are not many westerners here, and we are definetly in the minority and much valued.
Koreans want very much to learn English and the students attend English School, after a full day of Elementary School and it is amazing how serious they are about their studies.

The Golden Buddha at the Mountain Temple

Temple Mireuk...Kwanchoksa
Image by Marguerite 2005

Map of South Korea

Ladymaggic Blog/Journal at Yahoo Living a Year in Nonsan South Korea

Reservoir and Mountains
Rice fields are irrigated by the waters

Nonsan University and the Gardens

Colorful display of fresh vegetable and fruits

Fresh fish for Sale at market

Mireuk, the Kind Buddha is solid stone 18m tall
Image by Marguerite 2005

December 3......the first snow started....
Image by Marguerite

One Year Living in Korea... Ladymaggic Journal 'Artist's Life" by Maggi Carstairs


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