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Anghor Wat Sien Reap
Photograph by Ladymaggic

The Temples and Ruins are Many Centuries Old

Story of the Orphanage and the Children in Cambodia..squidoo "Children of Cambodia"

Nestled between rice paddies and stretched along the Siem Reap River, the small provincial capital of Siem Reap Town serves as the gateway to the millennium-old temple ruins of the Khmer Empire. Designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, the Angkor Archaeological Park encompasses dozens of temple ruins including Bayon, Banteay Srey and the legendary Angkor Wat whose artistic and archaeological significance and visual impact put it in a class with the Pyramids, Machu Pichu and the Taj Mahal.

Monks in the Temple
Photograph by Ladymaggic

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                                             created at One True Media
Temples of Siem Reap Cambodia

Cambodia was listed as the Poorest country in the World.
My recent trip made me realise what a wonderful people the Cambodians are and how they smile despite all they have gone through.
Jan, who runs Baca Ville told me about this Private Orphanage that works for children they collect off the street. He said that a donation of $50 could give a child a vacation, or pay for part of their education.
Parents send children to sell small items to tourists trying to make enough money to send their children to school.
Where a man's days wage is $6-10US, a few dollars sent to this Orphange could make a difference to a child.
They also say you can sponsor one child, and provide for one child.
On their site there are photos of the 12 or 14 children they currebntly care for.
If this touches you in any way, please send either a gift box,or a donation to the address given. All the details are in the site.
Many of you can afford even $10, and truly, this would make a difference and help a child in Cambodia.
Thank you for caring....I do....I wish I knew more about them when I was there, but I only learnt about them from Jan when he drove me to the Airport.
You can also visit the squidoo I created:


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                                             created at One True Media
Floating Village Cambodia

Ploughing Rice fields with a Buffalo Team
Photograph by Ladymaggic

View the Video of      The Floating Village

I am in Siem Reap staying at Baca Ville which I can recommend :

Its great for accommodation, meals, tours and everything. I am having a great time.

So far have been to the Floating Village on the river, been to three of the main temples..Anghor Wat, Anghor Thor and bayon, and the Elephant Temple..and done one full circuit in a tuk-tuk. Have photographed monkeys and butterflies.

Yesterday went by ferryboat to Phnom Peng to get my Korean Visa..and returned today by bus..each trip was five hours...with no visa...long story. Did get to the Killing Fields which was very sad.

Restaurant Floor Show Cultural Dancing
Photograph by Ladymaggic


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