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Stromatolites at Lake Hamlyn in West Australia
Digi Photography by Marguerite 2005

Living Rocks: Photographs of the Stromatolites on Shutterfly...


Stromatolites are laminated structures built mainly by cyanobacteria
(sometimes known as blue-green bacteria or, less correctly, as blue-
green algae). They are still found today, but were once much more
common. They dominated the fossil record between about 2000 million
and 1000 million years ago. Nowadays they are found mainly in saline
lakes or hot spring environments, often in environmental niches that
other organisms cannot tolerate. The best example of living
stromatolites is at Hamelin Pool, Shark Bay, Western Australia.

Information Board... Story of the Stromatolites
Photograph by Marguerite 2005

Stromatolites at Clifton Pool in West Australia
Photo graoh by Marguerite 2005

Stromatolites at Clifton Pool West Australia
Photograph by Marguerite 2005

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