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Chapter Sixteen: Margaret
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Chapter Sixteen: Margaret 


Margaret met David at a Party at Marilee's Place. She was a member of the Introduction Agency that Marilee had financed for Judy, which David was also a part of. She was thrilled to have been invited to the Party, as she had heard much about these society functions that she had never quite been able to get into.
When she was introduced to David, she immediately saw her opening. Like Marilee had before her, she attached herself to David. She discovered that what he wanted was not the socialite, he already had the display buterfly in Marilee, Margaret went for the servile role. She did everything he asked her, and when she confided that she and her daughter were seeking a fresh start somewhere, David moved them into his Toorak House, which he kept for his nocturnal visits to the Big City.
It was with a matter of pride, and some trepidation, that she confessed this to Marilee at the next function, but to her surprise, Marilee accepted her docile role in their lives.
In fact it was Marilee she went to when she decided to have another child, and she asked Mailee to use her influence with David, which she did.
Their child, a boy, was born in wedlock, as  Margaret had promised him all rights if it was a girl, but it was a son, and she ensured her protection and maintenance by providing him with a second son, not long after.
Their life had a strange pattern and routine. She lived basically in his house, which was still his, because of the very formal and clearly laid out agreement she had to sign claiming she would never make any demands at all on any of his money. She saw him every second weekend, as he spent the other with Marilee, or whoever, and led her own life while he continued to lead his. The only change was that she had two children, and a very open marriage certificate which gave the boys his name. Her daughter was now living her own life, as she had chosen to move away, and that suited Margaret as she was getting a bit too attractive for Margaret's comfort.
She was happilly in this routine, blissfully unaware of the events that were going to suddenly change her life.
(Mus)  She sat, alone, by the widow, staring into the night, but seeing nothing. Her mind was filled with hate, with sorrow and with pain. How could something like this happen? How could someone be so evil, so hurtful and so unfeeling?
A tear slid down her check and dropped on her night dress. She watched as it sat there for an instant, before dissolving into the silky material, leaving only a wet spot where it had been and where a nearly invisible stain would remain after it dried. Just like love, she thought, it exists for a moment in time, then disappears, leaving only a stain on your heart to remember it by.
Her mind drifted back in time to happier days, when she had just found a new love. Someone she thought she could share everything with and who she thought would share everything with her. Their romance had been wonderful. He courted her for a time, and finally they found their way into bed together, where the lovemaking proved to be incredible. The time when they were apart seemed to last forever, while time sped by when they were apart.
He never expressed his love for her in so many words, but she could tell. They way he touched her, the knowing looks they shared, the little gifts he brought all made her sure that even though he didn’t say it, he was as in love was she was.
Over the months she longed for the day when he would introduce her to his friends. Then she would have proof that she was more than just another conquest to him. She needed that proof, even though she saw all of the signs. That proof would be the last link in their chain of love. Once she was introduced to his world and his finds he would never throw her away. She was sure of that.
They were laying in bed together, recovering from an exceptionally strenuous bout of lovemaking when he asked her. "There’s a party," he said, "everyone whose anyone will be there. Would you like to go?"
What will I wear, was her first thought, then how would I fit in? I’m not a debutante. I’m just a mother who loves her daughter, a single mother, who was lucky enough to meet this wonderful man. I can’t go to a party like that. It’s out of the question.
"Yes," she said, "I’d love to go."
"Good, I want to introduce you to my friends. I’m sure you’ll love them."
"I’m sure I will too," she said, "I just hope they like me."
He smiled, that certain smile, the one that always made her heart melt, and made her feel like everything was perfect. "How could they help but like you. You’ll fit in fine," he assured her.
Fit in, she did. In fact, his friends welcomed her into their clique, almost to the exclusion of her lover. From the first introduction, she showed a grace and poise that few people ever master, yet she had been born with it. No one had taught her how to act. It all came naturally. She did and said all the right things, because they seemed like the right things to say and do, not because she had been educated in manners.
Soon invitations began arriving at her door, for her, not for him. She was invited to socials, teas, concerts and charity events, to the exclusion of the man who had introduced her to these people. Sometimes the invitations indicated that she could bring an escort if she wished, but often they specified that she alone was invited.
It never occurred to her that this was unusual until one evening when the couple was dining alone. "I hope you’re happy, " he blurted out after a long uncomfortable silence."
"I don’t know what you mean," she answered truthfully.
"Of course you do!" he snapped. "You’ve managed to steal my friends away from me. Do you deny that?"
"I haven’t stolen anyone. If your friends like me, it’s because you introduced me to them. I only wanted to make you proud."
"Oh, you’d like me to believe that, wouldn’t you? You set me up. You used me just to get in with my friends, because you knew they’d never have anything to do with you on your own."
"I did no such thing. I never asked you to introduce me. It was your idea."
"Well it doesn’t matter now!" he thundered, "You’re in and I’m out!" and with that he stormed out of the house.
From there on the relationship began to decline. They still spent time together, but it seemed to her that he was distant. They still made love, but the intensity wasn’t there anymore. It was though he was simply going through the motions. She often thought that he would rather be somewhere else, but little did she know what was going through his mind.
She had introduced him to her daughter, early on in their relationship. She never hid the fact that she had a past and that she had a family that she cared deeply about. She was all for his being involved deeply with her daughter. She loved him and she loved her daughter, so it only seemed right to her that the two most important people in her life, should also be important to each other. The pair seemed to hit it off. At first it was little awkward, but soon they were laughing and joking as though they had known each other for years, not hours.
She was happy when he asked if would be alright to take her daughter out for dinner alone. He wanted them to get better acquainted and so did she. All of this made it hard for her to understand why he was so distraught about her being popular with his friends. Yet, like it or not, her popularity was obviously coming between them.
She thought about abandoning her new friends and her new life, but that wasn’t really an option. If she was going to make a life with this man, then she had to also be involved with his friends.
The situation seemed to calm down suddenly one day. He stopped mentioning how much her new popularity bothered him, but at the same time he began going out more often, sometimes staying out all night. She feared that he was having an affair, but was willing to accept even that if it meant that his horrible accusations stopped. If it was another woman he needed then she loved him enough to forgive him even that. There was nothing that she wouldn’t do for him and nothing she could deny him, or almost nothing.
They were in bed together after making love one night when something happened that she could never have prepared for. The lovemaking had been nice, not as great as it had once been, but still very, very nice. It actually seemed like he was trying to pleasure her, rather than just get it over with. They had done some of the things they used to do, before the rift had developed between them, but hadn’t done in a long while. He had loved, for her to take charge, back then. This night she climbed on top of him and controlled the pace of their passions, only letting him finish when she was good and ready. They were both exhausted, when she rolled off him, and lay beside him on the bed.
Neither spoke for sometime. They lay there letting the passion subside. When she moved to get up he said, "Where are you going?"
"We just made love," she answered, "I want to go clean up."
"Wait a minute."
"But I’m all clammy and wet. I need a quick shower. I’ll be right back."
He grabbed her arm as she tried to rise, "No wait."
She playfully placed her hand on his leg, "You don’t still want more do you?" she grinned.
"I have something I need to tell you," he stated.
"Can’t it wait for ten minute, while I take a shower?" she tousled his hair, as if he was a kid.
"No it can’t! Just listen to me and listen clearly!"
"Alright," she responded, now afraid of what she was about to hear. "I’m listening."
"I’ve found someone else."
"I know," she answered, "or at least, I thought you might be."
"You did?"
"Yes, the signs were there. I wish you didn’t need other women , but if that’s the only way I can have you . . ."
"You don’t understand, "he interrupted. "There’s more to it than that."
"What do you mean more."
"It’s the person who is taking your place."
"What!!!! Oh no she's not!!!! You bastard. Is it someone I know?"
He looked her right in the eye. It was almost as if he delighted in saying what came next. " You certainly do know her, or at least you should. She is another you. I’ve been fucking your prescious  daughter."
In an instant her world came crashing down around her. She slapped at his face with all her might, but he grabbed her wrist before the blow connected. She swung the other hand, with the same results. Now he had both her wrists firmly in his grasp.
"You should know this," he said. "It just happened."
"It just happened? You just happened to fall into bed with my daughter and you just happened to have sex with her? Is that what you expect me to believe?"
"I . . . we never meant to hurt you." Margaret stared at him wildly. This is not happening. She is not hearing this. Yet somehow she did know it was on the cards, as she had noticed the changes herself in her daughter, but, not with Not David. Not this!!!! No.
She collected her clothes, forgetting all about the shower and slowly walked out. He lay on the big double poster antique bed draped in white material like a shroud, and watched her go.
His eyes were thoughtful. He never expected this reaction from his personal slave. It would never do. He would need to bring her back into control again.
Her life would never be the same.
She had been betrayed by the two people  she loved the most.
 Her  life with him was over.
It was years before she was able to confide in anyone about the events of that night. She never spoke of it with her daughter. She was reasonably sure that the girl didn’t know what he had told her. It was easier that way. She could at least maintain some semblance of a relationship with her, if the girl never knew that she had learned of her betrayal.
She often thinks of that night, when she’s alone, or when she feels a little down. She would love to forget. She has forgiven. Some sins, some betrayals are just too wicked to be forgotten. Life goes on and people survive terrible heartbreaking events. As she sat by the window staring into the night, alone and sad she said to the empty house, "It all goes to prove one thing: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger."
But does it??? She asked herself again, "Does it?"

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