View From The Top.....
How to Write: Hints on Writing
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter 4-6
Chapter Five
The Studio
Chapter Eight: The Recruit
Chapter Nine: The Letter
Chapter Ten: The Stalker
Chapter Eleven: Karina
Chapter Twelve: Madeline
Chapter Thirteen: The Tattoo
Chapter Fourteen: David
Chapter Fifteen: The First Concert
Chapter Sixteen: Margaret
Chapter Seventeen: Murder Strikes
Chapter Eighteen: Vietnam
Chapter Nineteen: Serina's Party
Chapter Twenty: Norm
Angels in the world
Chapter 22 : The Fall
Chapter Six


"View From The Top......."
Multi Author Novel 2006

ImageA Multi Author Novel  written by Ladymaggic and Musikman.

An exciting adventure created by Bob Taylor and Maggi Carstairs taking you into a world you may not have known existed.



This is an AUDIO E-BOOK.

RPH  (Reading Print Handicapped) and Read on Odeo by Marguerite


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Suitable for those who cannot see too well.
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