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  • Australian House Sitters Directory. A house sitter is a person who lives in someone else's home while they are away. A house sitter takes care of the home, garden, pets, and everything else. In return, house sitters gain free accommodation. The Australian House Sitters Directory is a national database of house sitters, containing the details of people who want to look after someone else's home. The cost of registration and one year's entry in the directory starts at $185 for most metropolitan zones and up to $370 for high demand zones.
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  • Happy House Sitters. People do housesitting for many reasons. They may be saving for their own home, having their house renovated, being transferred interstate, not want to be tied to a lease, or they may like to live in many different locations. Happy House Sitters is an Australian company which manages a 'list' of house sitters. Home owners searching for house sitters are introduced to the house sitters via this list. Sitters pay a fee starting at $150 for one year's registration. The service is free to homeowners searching for a sitter.
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  • Holiday House Sitters. Australia wide house sitter service which is free to home owners. House sitters can advertise their availability to care for people's homes, gardens and pets. Senior house sitters are ready to care for others' properties. Seniors can save on accommodation when travelling and advertise as a house sitter. Fees to advertise as a sitter start at $95.00 for a year with an extra three months bonus at present.
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  • Right at Home provides a personal service to both home owners and sitters. They screen and match sitters with compatible home owner requests and provide legal agreements for all parties, so that expectations are clear and easy, and everybody is protected. They manage short and on-going stays in Melbourne and country Victoria and will soon be in other states. Short term sitters are especially popular at school holiday times. The costs to sitters is just $50 for short term and $195 for ongoing. This covers you for a whole year. The cost of having a fully screened and checked sitter to care for your home and pets can be found on their web-site at.
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  • Worldwide Housesitting Register. This Australian service has now gone worldwide. Have a house sitter look after your home and pets while you're away. There is a $50 fee to register for 12 months for Australia, USA, Canada and UK but registration for other regions is free.
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