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Feng Shui is a practice of cooperation with the natural and unseen energy of our environment. The flow of energy whether it be positive or negative and the aura that you release and how it affects your surroundings. It also evaluates the direction and placement of your home and the things contained in it. With specific placement you can attract or detract positive chi (energy). With the correct balance of chi you can affect every aspect of your life. Your luck, marriage, money, health even your own happiness, you can have an influence on everything. Without correct Feng Shui the results can be disastrous, and with the right balance you can have an immediate turn around.


Room by Room Analysis

KITCHEN - Try to use as much natural light as possible. Use blinds not curtains. Stick to single or double paned windows. In order to help your positive energy flow you will need to keep electrical appliances spread out. (As much as possible) In most cases if you are in the process of designing the home it would be extremely helpful to ask for extra power outlets in this area. Light colors should be used in the kitchen. The stove shall be placed to see entry to the kitchen. If not possible position a mirror next to the stove that reflects the entry. Do not place sink in the south, water and fire do not mix. The best position for the sink is in the north. However any position will be suitable besides south.

Utility Room - Hang a small crystal or chime from the ceiling above the center of the washing machine. (Particularly noisy machines.) This will help to dissipate any negative chi and restore balance.

Dining - Ceilings need to be as high as possible. A Wooden table is far preferable to a glass or one made out of artificial material. Natural wood radiates a specific Yin energy (which is conducive to good dining.) If you entertain business partners on a regular basis the best table placement would be North or Northwest, since they govern Leadership, Responsibility, and career progression.

Bedrooms - It is best to position the bed so you can see the bedroom door. This will create a sense of security. If not possible position a mirror that reflects the bedroom door. A bedside table should not stand higher than the top of the mattress when placed beside the bed. This will keep the chi circulating freely. If left higher than the bed in the long run it will begin to cause sleeplessness and recurring headaches. On all bedside furniture always aim for curves not angles.

Bathroom - Bath/Shower combination should be placed to the north for spiritual wealth, south east for material wealth. Do not place in the south. The toilet may be placed in the north or any other region except the south or southeast. If you have an existing toilet or bath in the DO NOT areas and can't change them, place something black in the area whether it be an ornament or a railing or something along those lines. If the toilet is in the SE place a purple ring on the wall. The more natural light you can get into the bathroom the better.

Conservatory/Living Room - The best place for this room is in the northern zone. If you are in the process of building this room first you must decide what you want from the room. If you want it for spiritual awareness then north of the building is best. If you want this room for creativity then south east would be more appropriate. The actual shape of the room also depends on your need for it. If you are going to use it for relaxing space a circle or oval shape would be best. A square or rectangle should be used in a case where the room is used for exercise or games. Also natural light should play a heavy part in the energy in this room. In a case where you need to use artificial light stick to standard or wall lamps to create warm wel­coming illumination. The center of the room should remain unobstructed. Plants should be placed periodically throughout the room.

Home Office - Good zones to place this room in are southeast, northwest, north, and northeast. Since these areas involve wealth, respon­sibility, career and motivation. Energy here should be more Yang than Yin so you can get motivated to get things done. Angles should be chosen over curves. Bright spotlights instead of low glowing lamps are your best choice here. Also you should never place your desk facing into a wall. If you have no choice, place a mirror or a portrait/painting (far away land­scape) above the center of the desk at eye level. This will help to reduce any closed in or claustrophobic feelings. It is also best to choose cabinets or bookcases with flat doors so the chi flows over them instead of bounces off the books and files.

Playroom - East, southeast, or north would be the best zone for this area. These zones promote contentment, creativity, and tranquility. The energy in the room should remain balanced, for having strength in either Yin or Yang energies in this area could cause hyperactivity or apathy. Once again using as much natural light as possible will prove to be beneficial in this area. It is not suggested that you use standard or free standing light fixtures that could present a danger to children. Don't fret when things get disrupted from children's play, after all the main purpose of this room is for children to feel free and content while they play. As long as they are happy that's what will keep the energy positive.

Children's Room - Yin shall be slightly more dominant in this area. Since day sleeping is the main purpose of this room. The best place to position this room would be in the northern section. Use nightlights instead of standard artificial lamps. Don't allow sleeping area to become too cluttered with toys. This can interrupt the chi in this room. The best position for a baby monitor is east. Make sure the southern zone does not become stimulated through the color red or an electrical current.

Study - Best position is northeast, the Yin and Yang should be roughly balanced in this space. You should make sure that the entire room is evenly lit. Standard lamps are best. Seating should also be placed in the northeast zone and the sitter shall have a full view of the doorway. See also "at home office" for the placement and function of books and cabinets.

Studio - This room is made specifically for your creative abilities. Yang energy should be dominant in this room. The studio shall also be as light as possible to creative a good positive energy flow. Painting the walls white will help to brighten the room. The primary workspace shall be in the southeast to ensure that you are always at your best creativity. Again make sure that you have a full view of the door. Clutter shall be avoided at all costs.

Many different types of architectural styles may incorporate Feng Shui principles, as they are mainly a focus on floor plan layouts or room placement. Though the popularity of Feng Shui has recently increased design techniques originated in have been around for thousands of years. This is an ancient eastern art that carefully considers the environment in which we live and the relationship between the objects in that environment. Interior designers and architects implement these techniques to improve the overall flow of home design.

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