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Services We Provide

  • Test,analyze, prepare a program, and  guide the student, to take some ownership of behaviour and  determine a modified BM that is acceptable to both the student and the class teacher and school.
  • Develop an online learning program for the student to follow when necessary for time out.
  • Guide and assist students to develop leisure activities through the Arts to help with self acceptance and self image by experiencing successes.
VET incentives are targetting students in the 15-18 year age group and developing their skills in Art and Craft is helping them to develop careers and worthwhile skills.
organisations wishing to make use of this grant are advised to consider the Art Therapy Foundation I am offering which will assist and guide youth-at-risk into creating career skills.

Regional Employment Directions Grants 2003-04

The Western Australian Department of Education and Training is seeking proposals responding to community employment and training priorities, including but not limited to initiatives to improve retention rates and transition pathways for 15 19 yr olds, and initiatives leading to jobs growth.

Up to $200,000 is available to the metropolitan area, and non profit organisations may apply for grants to a value of $3,000 each, with limited opportunity to support more expensive initiatives within the metropolitan region.

Applications close 4.00pm, Friday 28 November 2003.

The five files below form the "Application Form and Guidelines". Please download by clicking each link below:

Craig Nicholas
WA Department of Education & Training
Phone: (08) 9250 2761
Mobile: 0419 043 418

Initial Consultation:
IQ and Personality testing:
Super IQ and Ink Blot tests:
Right Brain/Left Brain:
Group Motivation:
Group Dynamics:
Realising Individual Potential:
Career Testing:
Executive Testing ,Training and Analysis:
Prices on request

Education and Schools..offers links, ideas and ways of motivating and coping with Education Issues.


  • Many of the services we offer, are available to you upon request.
    Please call us at  08 9777 1623 or 0421 494 656   for a free estimate or  more details.
  •        Please email, fax or post form to register your interest.


Send To:    Maggi Carstairs         Email:    Maggi_carstairs@yahoo.com


Fax:        08 9777 1623


Postal Address:    15, Crowea Street, Manjimup. WA 6258


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