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Leslie Heatley

Artist...Patchwork, Quilts and Material Crafts

Leslie Heatley
Photograph by Marguerite 2005

Leslie Heatley was born at Dubbo in NSW and spent her first 10 years of schooling, with correspondence studies, as they lived on a property.
She did some Art at Central school, but nothing formally until this year, 2005,  when she started learning Art with Maggi Carstairs at Blackall.
Leslie has always been creative, crafty and innovative. She has done many beautiful patchwork quilts and designed and sews her own clothing. She has explored and worked with jewellery and silversmithing, furniture restoration and Woodwork.
She exhibits and breeds Rhode Island Red Bantams, and has done so for years. She has always had an interest in birds and has won many awards for her birds.
Leslie has always wanted to paint. This year at Art Classes, she discovered a natural flair for painting, and has already won many Awards at the local Show with her work.
She paints with incredible attention to accuracy, bringing her embroidery eye of detail and fine work, to her paintings.  Her love of detail and perfection is seen quite clearly in her work, in her intricate brushwork and careful nurturing of the development of her painting. Her love for what she is doing is also visible in her work.  This will be her first exhibition.
Leslie is very influenced by the beauty of her homeland, and the surrounding countryside and is very much into nature and landscape.

Cape Naturaliste
painting won first prize at Blackall Art Show

Trees Oil on canvas
For Sale

Contact Leslie:    lheatley@bigpond.net.au