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Ilfracombe Farm and Folk Museum

Ilfracombe : A Walk Back in Time

A Mile of Machinery :E-book with photographs by Maggi Carstairs

A mile of Machinery

Mile of Machines $9.99

Ilfracombe, past Longreach on the way to Barcaldine in Outback Queensland,  is a whole street of Tractors and Farm Machinery.....all in great condition and well worth a visit.
The main street of Ilfracombe is a “museum” of historic rural machinery and provides a fascinating walk back through time...
As I drove through the Town, the Machinery caught my eye and I stopped to spend a delightful couple of hours wandering the fantastic Display and Museum.
These are the photos of the displays...There are over a 100 photos in this E-Book...and it is well worth browsing if you are interested in Old Tractors, and Farm Machinery.
This Ebook is available in different Languages.
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