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Haasts Bluff was red sands and a small community
Digi Painting by MargueriteCopyright 2005


HAASTS BLUFF, Northern Territory

Haasts Bluff is a small community, located west of Alice Springs. It is home to the Luritja people, who have many Western Arrente and Pintupi family connections. The intensity of desert colours, important sites and stories, and subtle motifs of the bush all find expression in the paintings of the Haasts Bluff artists. The artists employ traditional symbols or inventive interpretations of their country and Dreamings in lively an innovative ways. The current art movement at Haasts Bluff began in 1992. Prior to that time, many Haasts Bluff people were painting for Papunya Tula, where the modern desert art movement began in the early 1970's.

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Road to Haasts Bluff
Photograph Marguerite Copyright 2005

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