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Chapter twelve: Madeline
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Chapter Twelve: Madeline


Inside the office Madeline sat alone finally pleased to know that her day had ended.
She removed her stilettos and replaced them with a pair of fluffy pink shoes that Mark had refused to let her wear at home. 
"How ridiculous can a man get," she mumbled to herself as scorning the now empty coffee percolator, she poured herself the biggest and best Martini she could make from Marilee's Bar, and padded across comfortably to the balcony holding her glass in her hand and listening to the ice cheerily clinking against the crystal as she walked.

Outside and across from "The GateKeeper", she was being watched  through a pair of very powerful binoculars.


She taken on the position of Marilee's secretary just last year when the company she was working for, literally closed its doors, and she was left stranded. It was Serena who told her Marilee needed a secretary, and was delighted when Marilee gave her a quick typing test, and hired her on the spot.

Work was rather sporadic, and working for Marilee gave her much time. She had time on her hands when Marilee was not around, or travelling overseas. As well as the typing and the keeping tabs on all Marilee's activities and movements, Madeline also had to keep scrapbooks on the Serena's clients, and keep in close contact with them and their digressions. It wasn't long before Stuart caught sight of her working silently in the background, and became even more interested in her, when he realised that she was in charge of the huge dossier of facts Marilee and Serena were collecting on everyone.

In fact he invited her to dinner chiefly to explore this aspect, but saw a very attractive and interesting person behind the secretary facade. In fact he saw that her ultra competency hid a very insecure person. Madeline had lost her last three positions through closures, and was feeling very insecure indeed in everything, not just her job.

For a very attractive lady, she had a very low sense of her own worth, and so it was easy to start an online teasing relationship with her on the internet.

The only  thing that she did not realise, was that her late night chats with him, were not exactly private. Stuart had a site which broadcast his personal life for a fee, and around the world millions were glued to their internets whilst Stuart supposedly chatted to her alone, but wearing nothing but his gold chain, and sometimes in the company of Dale who did not even wear a gold chain, his moving scenarios were languished over by sex starved perverts all around the globe.

Amongst these pathetic characters one evening was Harvey, who immediately recognised her from the photos taken long distance by Dale, and being shown on air, and his mind immediately sensed that he was onto something really big here, especially since he had realised that he was not the only watcher of Marilee. Harvey had noticed the bikie leader sometimes in areas and scenes he did not quite fit in, which were not of his usual habitats.

He fingered his semi-nude body, as he listened to her flirtatious prattle, and how she was describing in great detail the clothes she was wearing, and slowly discarding, for the pleasure of Stuart, and Stuart's  pleasure alone. Voyeurs around the world were smitten by her innocent revealings, and the contrast with the not so innocent activities of Stuart and his partner.

Madeline was doing more than turning on Stuart, as he could see Stuart was taking more of an interest in Dale, and the watchers fingered their zoom buttons with mounting excitement, as one scenario played to their ears, and the other to their eyes.

Stuart really knew what he was doing.

Harvey also knew exactly where Madeline was, as he stopped watching Marilee down below in the restaurant, quietly with Tom, and focused on more clearly on Madeline wondering why she was telling Stuart she was removing her clothes, when she was sitting at her desk eating a dough nut and giggling into the microphone.

He diecided to add a further element of excitement to the scene.

Buttoning his trousers, and slipping a nylon mask into his pocket, he checked for the soft kid gloves and turning his mobile phone off, he carefully zipped it into the special pocket he had for it on his ankle. One call to Karl, that he would be delivering a package within the hour, and he was on his way.

Across the road, Madeline finished her chocolate dough nut and licked the last of the icing off her bottom lip. She sighed, and  stretched languidly.

"I have to go and shower now, my beautiful darling," she cooed into the phone, "I am all wet and sticky and need some pretty attention."

Then the doorbell rang. " That was quick" she thought. I was expecting him but not that quickly." She examined her face and smiled at herself as she went to open the door to the main office.




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