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The Studio
Chapter Eight: The Recruit
Chapter Nine: The Letter
Chapter Ten: The Stalker
Chapter Eleven: Karina
Chapter Twelve: Madeline
Chapter Thirteen: The Tattoo
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Chapter Fifteen: The First Concert
Chapter Sixteen: Margaret
Chapter Seventeen: Murder Strikes
Chapter Eighteen: Vietnam
Chapter Nineteen: Serina's Party
Chapter Twenty: Norm
Angels in the world
Chapter 22 : The Fall
Chapter Six


Maggi Carstairs

Bob Taylor

 The story is being written by Ladymaggic, and Musikman is taking up the threads.
Together they are creating a fast paced dialogue that leads the reader in a confusing medley of colorful characters, with identities and stories of their own, that get interlinked and meshed together into one huge life story.
This is the story of how these very different personalities get together, and each change or amend to share the life of the stronger and the other for different reasons.
Together they weave a story of intrigue and deceit, and of a lifestyle that borders bwteen the illegal and the impossible.
You cannot help but be attracted to the very souls of the characters, as they unfold their complicated web of lies and deceits, and also drama and adventure.
It is not a story for the weak...
Characters may be lightly based on living people, but their exploits and mistakes are totally fictional and Imaginary and there is no truth in any of this substance.
Maggi Carstairs


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