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I bought the first house I owned on my own, in Brighton.My father ran his house and Property as if it was a Military Academy. I was a disappointment to him. I was born early, I was small and I was quite sickly as a child. My mother doted on me as I was the only thing she had control over in her life with my father.
She was weak, vapid, and quite stupid at times. Often I wondered why my father had ever married her. She wasn't even beautiful, but she had some hold on him, as she was to stay with him all her life.
In fact when he died, she inherited all his properties, and by now I was a multi millionaire in my own right, and I actually bought all the family properties as a Proxy buyer, and she never knew until the day I turned up to move her into the small cottage, where she still lives. After being absolutely furious, she accepted the fact that now I was my father,  and now we have a sort of relationship where she knows I am to be respected in the same way he was.
I  attend every antique auction in the City and in the Country. I am a collector,  as its there that I have found many guns and Military Memorabilia. I took over my Father's Collection and have added to it in a big way. I claim rightfully that I have the best collection of War Memorabilia, specializing in Nazis and Geman Warfare and WW Collector items,
I became interested in this when I realised it was a hobby of my fathers, but I have extended it far beyond what he would ever have envisaged. I also have a complete collection of writings and memoirs and also badges and Medals. I am known for my collection and for my ruthlessness. I buy what I want, and no-one dis-agrees with me.
 These days I also collect bronzes. I have a wonderful collection of Bronzes that I had bought at various antique shops and auctions, and I just loved bronze and metal. I met Marilee at the Auction where I bought Mercury, a bronze warrior on a horse which is one of my much prized items, and it sits on a marble pedestal near my Grand Piano, and when I see it I remember my beautiful girl. She loved that piano and also the harpsichord.
She caught my eye during the auction, and I thought she was a 'Jewish Princess and Millionairess'. She was neither Jewish nor a millionaire at the time, but with my help, she has certainly got there. I take some credit for her shrewd investments, and letting her use my broker was the best move, as I made some money out of her huge rise in fortune too.
 Stevie Grey is the best Broker in Melbourne, and he was to increase all our fortunes substantially, with his suggestions.
I won her with my statement that my  hobby was collecting beautiful rich women,  and she would be the gem of my collection. Which she was for over a decade, and longer.
Then she was to get more involved in her businesses and did not have as much time for me. I was to marry again, but that is another story and also part of my character that will not lose.
She laughed, but we became very close friends and stayed friends, until the Daylesford episode in 1994.

I arrived on our first date in my Silver Rolls Royce, accompanied by my two body guards dressed in white. She was intrigued, and totally awed. She chose to dress around the car, with picture hats and long skirts, and we had some wonderful outings in Color Matching clothes and outfits.
Yes, for a while there we shopped together. I would take her to my factories and manufacturers and we would buy matching outfits, usually in white. I also dressed Malcolm, who was then my personal bodyguard in the same clothes.
We were a very interesting trio when we went dining. I am already well known around town, and she became well known too, because of me, and some of the other circles she now frequented after her induction to Portsea as a gay divorcee.
She was about my height, which is tall for a girl, but then I like them tall and slender and she moved like a song. She was exotic looking with huge brown eyes and she had no idea how attractive she really was, as she had just come out of an ugly marriage to what was a real dog in the manger.
 I am 5'8", dark haired,  with deep blue eyes behind thick glasses, which I have to wear for my vision is very limited.  I have very white skin,  and I am slightly built which used to drive my father to distraction, as he always wanted a heavy thick set oaf he could intimidate, and what he got was an acting-scared kid, who would run to his mother each time he roared out some command I was expected to follow.
 I am ultra intelligent, and have a vast knowledge of almost any subject I care to discuss. Because of my collections, I am extensively knowledgeable in the istory of almost every period. After I left school, when I ran away from the family when I was aged sixteen, my education was from the streets and those who befriended me because of my Father.  I used his influence without him ever knowing, and no-one would have dared cross him to tell him anyway. From then on my schooling was the school of hard knocks and easy take-overs.
My first million was banked by the time I was twenty one, and the others followed one after the other.
I dealt with Antiques and Collector Cars, and had Car Yards which were not always run by the books. The Police knew what I was doing, but kept a blind eye on my businesses as they benefitted quite well from me, and I was drinking buddies with many of the Cops who had influence in the right circle.
When the opposition gave me a hard time, I had some cronies set fire to their premises and spread the word around. I was never tested again, and was able to run my businesses the way I chose to.
My contacts were well into the underground, and maybe I was part of it too, who can tell, as I mostly walked alone. Its safer that way, and one never lets down oneself. There is a whole new world in Melbourne and Sydney that few are even aware of. Basically I led a quiet life as my main Interest was, and still is, making money and outwitting people and companies. It was a huge game and like I said before, I always win.
Marilee did not name me 'Scrooge' as a joke.
I am notorious for my Hunt Parties. People were wanting more and more of a reality experience, and the idea started from those Murder Mystery Dinner partties that were so popular. I started them with real murders, and when that palled, I started the Hunts with a Difference.
I hosted many a hunt, and we hunted people not animals. Only once  did I have a out of town couple, who escaped, and went to the press about how they were hunted by the Socialites. The story was bought out, and the cutting is framed and hangs quite proudly on my trophy wall. The story is true. I had to be a bit careful for a while after that, as the local Crime Squad procured a new guy, who was not as easy to buy, so I played low key with the hunts for a while.
Marilee knew about these hunts, as she asked me about them. I have never lied to her, ever, and told her the story and showed her the clippings. She looked as if she did not believe it, and that was fine with me, We moved on to discuss the weather chart which was hanging right next to the framed News Item.
 She never interfered with my private life, and anyway she, was far too impressed with my money to pay much attention to gossip. We only hear and listen to what we want, and it suited Marilee to ignore the negative and stay with the positive.
That young daughter of hers was growing into a tease. I have two children of the same age as hers. I watched them develop, and it was to me that Marilee's daughter brought her boyfriend and growing sexuality problems. She said her mother would never understand, and I realised she was teasing me too.  I enjoyed being confided in by a very sexy thirteen year old, and some of her stories were very interesting too.
Marilee never saw the negatives in her daughter either, but I do know that she knew what was going on, as she started to lessen the weekends she stayed with me, and go to Portsea more. She had now been given a house there, and that crowd did not like me at all. They had known me far longer than Marilee.
But these are someone else's stories not mine. My story is my need for virgins to give me  strength, and as my friends grow older alongside me, its getting easier to have virgins that have grown up trusting me, as a dearly loved friend of their mother and family. The wonderful thing is that they never seem to realise that they are destroying their mothers.
All mothers learn their daughter's secret's and then take them to heart.
My secret is that I know this.

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