China ....Jingzhou Castle

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Jingzhou Castle is ancient stone and wood
Image by Marguerite 2004

Jingzhou is a Tourist Park and Garden

Jingzhou is an ancient City Amusement Park being developed for tourism. It is based on the culture of three kingdoms including Jinzhou and the Chu civilization.
The 2.5km squared land is surrounded by a ring road. You can drive or take a horse and cart around the ring road travelling through many different scenes and settings which are very beautiful.
We went through a forest, along the lake and the pond, with a dyke along which on one side are houses and living apartments, and on our side the beautiful parklands of the Park.
The castle was very dramatic and you enter through huge wooden doors where street vendor sold fruit and tourist carvings and silks.
You walk up to the top and around the wall and look over the countryside.
The gardens are very beautiful and the ride around the ring lake is a wonderful experience. The scenery changes and when the park is completed there would be 8 scenic spots and 36 scenes.
The dyke has houses on one side, and the park road runs along the side of the dyke and leads into a beautiful forest drive which is stunning in winter but would look spectacular in Autumn.
The shops outside the castle have a great array of chinese gifts and I bought everyone beautiful painted umbrellas and silk scarves. There were wooden carvings and a great array of fossils many thousands of years old. This is the area for ancient fossils and rocks.

Jingzhou is a very modern and exciting city and offers the tourist many places to go and much to see. Its well worth a visit and very beautiful.

Horses and owners waited with their carts
Image by Marguerite 205

Serenity was reflected from the lakes and water
Image by Marguerite 2005

The ring road went through some beautiful scenery
Image by Marguerite 2005

The humble dwelling, it was poetry in the mists
Image by Marguerite 2005

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